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49th Parallel Canadian Vodka


Saint Kitts and Nevis


"49th Parallel" Canadian Vodka is a 5-Times Distilled, Ultra Premium Vodka that is made from the purest "Non-GMO", Canadian ingredients. Hand Crafted in conjunction with our proprietary "Chilled Filtering" technology, "49th" delivers a unique spirit that has garnered Ratings of 92 & 96, from some of the foremost authorities in the industry, while maintaining a CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE status. Open a bottle of "49th Parallel" and discover a remarkable characteristic that is very unusual with Vodkas - we craft an inherently superb Vodka that actually further improves with time! The longer that you allow your bottle to breathe, the more distinct you will find the subtle Vanilla/Caramel or Raspberry notes become! Depending on your own personal senses, we have found that a bottle of "49th," once opened and left on your Bar, will take on some very unique characteristics which make our offering increasingly smooth, and delightfully fragrant! If you are looking for an exceptional Vodka that gives you a smooth, clean experience while at the same time, offering a Certified gluten-free status, then you have found a Vodka that caters to everyone. "49th Parallel" - We don't Leave Anyone Behind!"

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Category: Wine Wholesaler
Country: Belgium

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