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Zernoff Vodka


Moldova, Republic of


Zernoff Vodka is a manufacturing complex with complete production cycle. That operation includes processing of grain, grown at our own fields, production and bottling of high quality alcohol. The high quality of vodka is the result of the modern equipment utilization and innovative technologies. One of such innovations was creation of a unique recipe based on the fifth organic elements - oat, barley, rice, wheat and rye. The company pays great attention to the product quality. The composition of vodka ZERNOFF includes only their own food grade alcohol. All products are made in compliance with international standards. There is an accredited testing laboratory in ZERNOFF industrial complex. ZERNOFF VODKA is a 100% local brand.

We offer a range of vodka and infused vodka: Premium Vodka, Standart Vodka, Petrovskaia Vodka, Spicul De Aur Vodka and Flavored Alcoholic Drinks.

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Category: Wine Wholesaler
Country: Denmark

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