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Mezcal is not a simple alcoholic drink, it is a spiritual drink. The indigenous Mexican communities drink Mezcal, the agave fermented and “cooked” nectar, used to be part of a ritual aimed at elevating spirituality and reconnection to the ancient Gods. Sustainability: Agave has a long vegetative cycle: its uncontrolled harvesting would procure a severe environmental depletion and endangering its biodiversity. Trascendente is partnering only with environmentally responsible communities. Trascendente is undertaking a policy of replanting what its taken from the land. 100% DOC Agave: We work only with the best Agave varieties of the Mexican land, certified and bottled at origin with numbered production lots. Double distillation so we can provide the most complex aromas and tastes through simple mechanical technical processes: volcanic stone oven, stone milling and metal still. Our handmade Mezcal is produced in small lots, using the most generous variety of Espadin, who's plant needs 5 years to reach its full mature state and the wild varieties of Tobalá which gives a sweet and smooth flavor as well as the one in the Cuishe that results in a blend gentil at the palate with floral aromas, minerality and a slight roasted touch.

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