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Mezcal Local is a story of adventure and match making. Eduardo CarrenĖƒo and Jeronimo Dorbecker (current financial and sales directors respectively), found Don Gil (our maestro mezcalero) in a long journey across Oaxaca State; looking for the best mezcal possible and following their great passion for this spirit. Working inspired by the Yellow Tail Wine idea, they knew they’ve found the best kept secret from Oaxaca’s Central Valleys when Don Gil introduced them to his great pechuga style mezcal and told them he wanted to build an empire with mezcal, not a small business. His visionary traits coupled with Jeronimo and Eduardo’s passion generated the Mezcal Local project. “Local” means you can feel at home, no matter where you are from, but where you’re at. This word can be understood in more than 7 languages, which works perfectly for our export focus. Localisation: Mitla, Oaxaca in southern Mexico. In fact the number in the Mezcal Local logo represent the geographical location of our mezcal factory in Mitla. Competitive advantage: Product - Inspired in Yellow Tail Australian Wine. Best price pechuga style, special mezcal in the market. Perfect midpoint in smokiness, taste and price. A great product to reclute, introduce mezcal to new consumers. Bottle is unique, handcrafted and eco-friendly, made from recycled glass. Mezcal production is also sustainable in every step. Local is a pechuga type mezcal. During the distillation process we use infuse through vapors the heart of the agave, as well as a combination of fruits, which give a wide range of flavor and scents. Strategy - Customer based organization; business to business marketing. We personally give service and tools to help our clients sell volume Mezcal Local to the final consumer. Our essence represents commitment in every step of the commercial process. Achievements Exports to USA, Italy and far. Distributing in the top liquor distributors in Mexico, being the top seller in one of them

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Category: Wine Wholesaler
Country: Denmark

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