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Delight your senseswith the best cocts that are born from our products. We are a modern company with years of experience in the import, export and marketing of various brands of food and beverages, with specialty distilled beverages. spirits. Making an integral proposal in the management, distribution and positioning of your products at the point of sale.



Amor de Maguey is produced by one of the most important and recognized families in Oaxaca using traditional artisan methods. 100% Agave Espadín and its naturally smoky flavor is derived from cooking the best agave plants in a conical stone oven over mesquite and ocote , native woods of Oaxaca. These ingredients give Amor de Maguey its unique character and unique flavor.

Premium young, 100% authentic Mezcal containing 40% of alcohol made from the Agave Espadin. We have 3 sizes of bottles: 750ml, 700ml or 50ml. Certified by the COMERCAM. Amor de Agave is excellent for cocktails as well as to drink straight The packaging is attracting, moreover a little book comes with the bottle in which we explain what is Mezcal, and give examples of drinks to make with Amor de Agave. We also added a little bottle of worm salt made by ourselves, which is used in Mexico when drinking Mezcal (more or less as is used the salt when drinking Tequila, the use of worm salt is explained in the little book). Amor de Agave... Make it real !


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