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Destiladora y Exportadora del Desierto SA de CV




Born in the state of Durango, Mexico and nurtured by tradition and legacy of more than 800 years, Destiladora y Exportadora del Desierto – or how our friends and locals call it; Casa Dex Desierto – was founded by entrepreneur Ralph Holsworth and marketer and mixologist Saul Sanz with the vision of representing Mexico through its best distilled spirit and most hidden secret, SOTOL. Our distillation process honors the region’s ancestors, by hand crafting our spirits; we give back to our legacy, heritage and our community. Casa Dex Desierto is the 1st. distillery in Durango, dedicated solely to the distillation and production of Sotol, an ancient spirit distilled from the agave type “Dasylirion wheeleri”, that grows in the wild desert regions of Durango.

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Category: Wine Wholesaler
Country: Australia

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