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Destiladora El Zacatecano, S.A. de C.V.




Deep in heart of the Sierra Madre Mountains in the Zacatecas region of Mexico lies a town name Huitzila. It\'s a small, beautiful town with one very special attribute: growing among the mountains near Huitzila is the Highland Weber Blue Agave plant. It is from this agave that El Zacatecano Mezcal has been produced since 1910. Zac\'s unwavering devotion to quality has led it to become the single most popular Mezcal in Mexico, an honor that is no fluke. Ever since the founding family first turned their natural resource into an unparalleled spirit, the artisanal Mezcal has retained the finest quality and elegance. Now in its third generation, the founding family has kept their Mezcal process a secret. That Zac is 100% Weber Blue Agave and 100% organic, however, is no secret and remains true to this day. A century\'s worth of tradition, under the assured supervision of expert guardians who seek only optimal conditions and premium ingredients, is what makes El Zacatecano the universally beloved Mezcal that we offer you today. Every step of production is carefully performed in order to extract the delicate flavors and aromas that have become synonymous with Zac. From the hand-selected Pinas, to the autoclaves used to roast the hearts and the perfected grinding and distilling processes, it\'s all done in the name of one simple goal: to provide you with the very best Mezcal on the market.

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