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House of Lords Beverages Limited




House of Lords Beverages Limited (HOL) is a global leader in Alcoholic Beverages with an outstanding collection of brands across spirits, a business built on the principles and foundations laid by the giants of the industry. HOL is an alcoholic beverage producing company based at Free Port Mauritius with a collective experience of more than 100 years and is engaged in distillation & ageing, (some directly and some through its associates ), blending and bottling of various products / brands under Alcoholic Beverages. Please see the attached electronic brochure for your ready reference. The company truly lives to its tag line ----- Mauritian at heart International in spirit-----, as we are based in Mauritius, one of the most beautiful island country with cleanest atmosphere / environment. We source our raw materials Internationally, like Scotches from Scotland; Malt from Scotland / India; Brandy Concentrate and grape spirit from France; Rums from Mauritius etc. Mauritius is known for its Agricole Rum which is produced from sugar cane juice rather than purely from molasses-based spirits. We have a brand under this category named Port Louiis. We will like you to consider our Rum / Aperitif / Liqueur portfolio apart from other brands of various categories under Port Louiis. Under Whisky portfolio, one of our whisky has replaced JWRL in some of the Pubs in Ghana. 7 brothers can compete with Glenfiddich and Senator’s No. 1 with JWRL. Just to give you my own back ground, I an ex-Diageo (14 years) and have been trained at their various Technical Centers. Thus, I had a full training in Whiskies in Scotland, RTDs in Italy & Australia, Cream Liqueur in Ireland, Rums in India etc. Helped set up complete business for Diageo in India. See my profile attached. My last assignment with Diageo was as a Technical and Supply Chain Director - India and Russia hubs. Thereafter, I was instrumental in pack selection & designing, blend selection and launch in UK of Seven Islands Vintage; a single malt whisky. HOL’s Brands have been despatched to the following countries: 1. Benin – via Ghana 2. Botswana 3. Cameroon 4. Dubai 5. Ghana 6. Madagascar 7. Netherlands 8. Sweden 9. Togo – via Ghana 10. UK 11. Zambia We are also present in following Duty-free shops: 1. Mauritius Duty Free Paradise – Mauritius Air Port 2. Miskeens – Local Duty-free shop 3. Madagascar Duty Free at Madagascar airport 4. Mayotte – a French Island 5. V. K. Group – Local Duty-free shop. We are interested in your market and therefore are approaching you. Kindly go through electronic brochure. Looking forward to hearing from you soon in case you need samples to see for yourself.


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