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Turin Vermouth




Traditional yet contemporary, we strongly believe that our Vermouths and our Amaro are an ideal addition to the range of products offered by specialist stores and excellent additions to menus in select bars and restaurants. Our products are aimed at the higher end of the market, for sophisticated consumers who appreciate the taste and the quality of what they are drinking. We have recently launched onto the South African market and are looking for importers and distributors worldwide. Our bitter sweet Vermouth is appropriately named in honour of the Piedmont Regional flag: Drapò. Drapò is perfect for formal occasions, relaxed gatherings, and casual parties. Its taste is appreciated by all age groups and it is ideal when accompanied with snacks or canapés. Drapò can be enjoyed as an informal ending to a business meeting, in the company of friends while listening to music in a bar or at a party at home, or simply sipped whilst relaxing. The smooth, fruity, herby flavour of Drapò is certain to be a hit wherever and whenever it is consumed. Drapò embodies the elegance of Italian Style.

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