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Luxardo is an Italian producer of premium liqueurs, distillates and high proof pastry concentrates, since 1821. Family comes first; quality is everything. Girolamo Luxardo S.p.A. was established in 1821 and remains 100% controlled by the founding family. Having transferred from Zara to Torreglia, Padua, Italy, in 1947 due to the consequences of the Second World War, it is one of the oldest European firms producing liqueurs and one of the few proprietary brands present in almost all international markets. It has won multiple awards for products ranging from liqueurs, distillates and high proof pastry concentrates, currently shipped to every continent in over 78 markets worldwide. The company is passionate about providing every product at world-class quality, in-line with the Luxardo family values, and is constantly in pursuit of establishing long-term agreements with distributors, focusing on proactive solutions and adding value to partnerships. Luxardo holds within it a story of persistence, strength and an unbreakable family bond. Established in Zara in 1821, Luxardo started with the production of its flagship product, the Maraschino, and continued to grow the business enlarging its portfolio for many years. In 1943, however, the effects of the Second World War reached the city resulting in the bombing of the distillery, destroying most of the building and tragically killing three Luxardo family members. In 1947, the Luxardo name was brought to life once again by Giorgio Luxardo, who moved to Padova and began rebuilding his family name from the ground up.

Today the Luxardo distillery stands as high and proud as ever in that exact same spot in Torreglia, Padua, Italy. Still to this day, the company is 100% controlled and owned by the founding family; a testament to the resilience and strength to be found in the bond between family. Our product range includes Luxardo brands: Maraschino Originale Liqueur, Sangue Morlacco Cherry Liqueur, Original Maraschino Cherries, Sour Cherry Gin, Triplum Triple Sec Orange Liqueur, London Dry Gin, Apricot Liqueur, Sambuca dei Cesari Classic Italian Liqueur, Limoncello lemon liqueur, Amaretto di Saschira Liqueur, Bitter Rosso, Bitter Bianco, Aperitivo, Amaro Abano, Amaro Abano Dry, Fernet Amaro, Liquore Sant'Antonio, Angioletto Hazelnut Liqueur, Prugna Plum Liqueur, Espresso Coffee Liqueur, Sour Apple Liqueur, Grappa Euganea Spirit, Slivowitz Plum Distillate, Williams Pear Distillate, Kirsch Cherry Distillate, Non-Alcoholic Concentrates, Syrups, Sugared Aromas, Flavored Infusions & Distillates and many more.

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