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Our Story begins at the foothills of the majestic Sahyadhri mountains in Western India, where a young Indian man, established a one-of-kind distilling plant. Set amidst lush surroundings and having abundant crystal clear mountain springs, the distillery was producing the finest liquor available in a pre-independent India (the 1930’s). Concocted using the flora from surrounding forests and manufactured with utmost care and precision, the liquor was soon a favorite of the British and Indians alike. Keeping the values of the original founder at heart, Meher Distilleries stepped forward in an independent India. It was in 1974, that our distillery was set up at its current location in Dahanu, a quaint coastal town in Maharashtra. As years passed, we evolved, embracing modernization and the latest technologies in the production of our bottled spirits. What stayed unchanged was the passion towards crafting of the most elegant and sublime of spirits. We can thus confidently say that “The traditional working character of the place remains unchanged.” Today, Meher distilleries is known for using only the finest ingredients to produce premium quality whiskies, gin, vodka, and brandy. As our blenders work tirelessly with mature malts and indigenous grain spirits to produce the finest liquor, we also constantly endeavor to adhere to stringent quality norms that have ensured our reputation as the most prominent distillery in the region. At present, we are engaged in the production of Country Liquor (CL) as well as Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL). Our distillery produces the finest products in its categories and caters to the Indian and Overseas markets.

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