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Brima Sagar Maharastra Distilleries Ltd




Brima Sagar Maharashtra Distilleries Limited is one such endeavour, with the name itself resounding to the quality conscious crowd.

The company has provided stellar quality produces, staying true to its motto, 'Quality belongs to you’ from its very inception. Not only that, it has excellently carried forward the legacy of quality maintained by its erstwhile owner from 1961. Much like its line of products, Brima Sagar has only gone from strength to strength over the years, ageing with grace and opulence in a way only few can. Each of the spirits it offers promise a unique, truly satisfying experience, equivalent to what one could expect from royalty. The regal zest on offer here is truly unparalleled, leading to the incredible experience that has caused enthusiasts to declare their loyalty to this brand. Guided by the desire for excellence, Director Mr.Deepak Kothari and Mr.Udai Kothari that Brima Sagar continues to uphold the ideals that the founders set out with, while continuing to guide the company as it embarks on a mission to redefine quality and provide to its customers an unparalled experience.

We offer a range of products Whisky, Vodka, Rum and Brandy.

Our product range includes brands: Barrister Premium Whisky, Friends Premium Whisky, Clock Tower Vodka, Danz XXX Matured Rum, Friends XXX Matured Rum, Bahadur XXX Rum, Brihma's Shreepur Doctor Brandy, Brihans XO Premium Brandy, Neptune Grape Brandy and Brihans Golden Gate Grape Brandy.

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