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ARAK MASADA In Mi'ilya industrial area wist galilee israel, our factory called " MASADA" is located. At MASADA we produce our excellent arak. We select exclusively the finest white juice- filled grapes which is ideal for the making of arak. The grapes are hand – harvested on September, mechanically destemed and gently crushed in a mechanized pressed to obtain the best juice. Our on-site eonologist conduct a fermentation of about 15 days. After a period of rest, the white wine is put into traditional copper stills for the distillation . The heat for the slow distillation process is ensured by gentle vine wood embers. The alcoholic vapors migrate through the copper pipe of the still, through a cooling device . Then the alcohol from the wine condenses and drip into a vat. The first distillation create the gift of alcohol, the second removes impurities and leaves the " heart" of the alcohol, while the third gives the arak it's purity and distinction. We combine the third distillation with the maceration of the very best organic aniseed. Our factory and products are cosher Our products: Arak JABAKNA Arak CAFRON Aral ELWADI Our products have won a lot of medals in international spirit competition .

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