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Tobago Gold Europe B.V.




We develop, produce and market “best in class” Caribbean style liqueurs for the world market. We produce a high quality chocolate rum cream of traditional Caribbean style in a beautiful eye-cathcing bottle. Available from our central EU warehouse in Amsterdam from 1 May 2021. Winner of bronze medal in World Spirits Award (April 2021) in category Chocolate Liqueurs.

Tobago Gold liqueurs are the result of traditional Caribbean cocoa and spice growing, leaning to knowledge and experience going back to the Maya and Inca Indians. We are exclusively using traditional Caribbean ingredients in order to create our unique Caribbean flavour, where cocoa is the most important of them all. The packaging also has a Caribbean flair in its design. The Tobago Gold bottle has a unique design, trendy and yet sophisticated, clearly connecting to the beauty, joy and colours of the Caribbean.

The Tobago Gold company is being headed by a diverse international team of leaders from a number of industries, truly ensuring a globally minded team of experts. We work zealously to ensure that Tobago Gold is nothing short of perfection, so that every bottle provides a flavourful, luxurious escape to the warmth of the Caribbean.

Whether you are an alcoholic beverage agent, a distributor or a retailer interested in partnering with us, or a bartender, a chef or an end consumer curious of Tobago Gold, we are happy to listen to your ideas for co-operation, as well as answer any questions you might have regarding our product or company.

Our founder, Lars G.O. Söderström, began to unearth the treasure of Tobago Gold in 2004, when he acquired “La Caurita”, a 400 acre traditional Cocoa Estate in Trinidad and Tobago. During the years to come Lars invested in and developed “La Caurita”, and as his love for Caribbean chocolate grew stronger, he also learnt to master the art of chocolate making “from bean to bar”, from world leading chocolate experts. In 2019, Lars started experimenting with combining two of his favourite flavours, Caribbean rum and cocoa, in order to make the perfect alcoholic beverage to suit both his sweet tooth and his love for rum. A year later, after numerous tests, and trials in his kitchen, he and his team successfully created the masterful blend now known as “Tobago Gold”, by using the finest selection of cocoa, spices and rum that the Caribbean has to offer. And the rest is history.

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