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Dear readers, our HEIMAT Gin is a dry gin, which is produced and distilled in loving craftsmanship. We focus our efforts on domestic cattle from our own or-chards. We, Marcel, Rouven and Raphael are three guys who have been best friends since their childhood. Grown in a rural area characterized by or-chards and vineyards. The father of Rouven and his father-in-law of Raphael runs the family-owned distillery in the fifth generation. Fruit and noble fires from indigenous orchids are his specialty. Here, we discussed early on the subject of distillation and the production of fires. For many years now, the Gin has been a loyal companion for our common eve-nings. Consequently, one came to another. We worked on a recipe for our own gin. The goal was to get an honest taste from the Homeland (HEIMAT) into the bottle. When processing, we use hand-picked botanicals such as meadow sage, thyme and ribwort as well as apples and pears, all of which are har-vested on their own meadows in the HEIMAT. A total of 18 different botani-cals find their way into the black earthenware bottle. Each of these con-tributes to the unique taste of our dry gins. Another feature is the wood-fired copper distillery. In this process, we burn in a small-batch process in a completely traditional way. After the distillation process, our gin is stored at 43% vol. Thus it can develop its taste holistically during a resting phase. The taste of our dry gin clearly stands out from the crowd. The like-weeders in combination with the fresh apples and pears make for a very short moment for a sweetness, which however directly into a tart note goes over. The light juniper burgundy and the pink pepper accompanied the depar-ture with a very light sharpness. In the aftermath, the floral aromas in-tensify and create a very pleasantly soft taste. We recommend to use our HEIMAT Gin pure or in combination with a classic Tonic Water. Especially Mediterranean Tonic Water by Fever Tree or Thomas Henry classical form an excellent interplay. Rosemary, sage, thyme or cu-cumber are suitable as linings. Of course everyone here has its own taste, which is why it is called. Try out! In this sense! Many greetings to your Homeland (HEIMAT) Marcel, Rouven and Raphael

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