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Enjoy the spirit of Nykur Vodka made using the purest spring water from the Faroe Islands and sustainably farmed, all-natural ingredients that are certified EU-organic to bring you a significant better vodka and support a better environment.

FAROESE SPRING WATER & BASALT FILTRATION: The Faroese people have always believed in the power of their water. NYKUR Vodka has been developed from the mystical water that was discovered 1.5 km. deep into a mountainside in the southern island of Suðuroy in the Faroe Islands. Nykur Spring Water is filtered through the 12 layers of 55-million-year-old basalt rock that allows natural cleansing and mineralization.

HAND LABELLED & SMALL BATCH PRODUCTION: NYKUR Vodka is made and labeled by hand in small batches so you can be sure that each bottle is given the necessary care to create a spirit of the highest level of quality. When you try, share or buy bottle of NYKUR Vodka, you can be rest assured that we have exhaustively done the best in every aspect to bring this masterpiece to you.

SUPER PREMIUM ORGANIC: Organic means quality and responsibility. Starting with crops untainted by pesticides and sewage sludge fertilizers, organic products are already free of chemicals used in the fields that may taint the final product. Organic also means that no shortcuts are taken in the distillation process, like nitrates used in fermentation or chemical “blending agents” added at the end of the process.

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Category: Wine Importer
Country: Denmark

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