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Nohrlund is passion for cocktails, for elegance and for the simple and beautiful. In the summer of 2014 Nohrlund was founded by a group of friends with a common passion for cocktails. The dream was to create cocktails that could be enjoyed and served by anyone. Nohrlund represents a world of bottled and handmade cocktails inspired by Nordic traditions. A world full of elegant flavours created using the finest spirits, pure and fresh ingredients without compromising on quality.

6 years ago we introduced our organic cocktails to Denmark. 2 years later we opened the doors to the world's first large-scale cocktail production. Today our cocktails can be found in a wide range of events, festivals, cafes, restaurants, retail stores, etc. Nohrlund is founded by cocktail-bartenders who wanted to introduce more people to a better quality of cocktails at a higher pace. This means that you as a outlet can serve a high quality, organic cocktail with ice and garnish in no more than 10 seconds - and private consumers can buy a handful of bottles with Mojito, Bramble and Passion Martin, take them home in their fridge and serve them. We have a variety of different cocktails and spirits - the common thing from all of it is: produced in Denmark at our own production facilities made with the best organic ingredients.

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