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Jaan is a Canadian company located in Oakville, Ontario producing unique and exotic tasting alcoholic beverages through the marriage of global flavors. Winner of over 20 international spirits competitions awards, Jaan is expanding and diversifying its portfolio offering across the globe through both varied alcoholic beverages and edibles.

Using our flagship product (Paan Liqueur) , we have recently launched Paan flavored chocolates - our first edible product, with more to follow. Jaan products have a taste profile unlike anything else in the world. By combining Eastern and Western flavors, we are able to offer a unique experiential experience. What differentiate Jaan products from others is: 1. Category Creator - Unique taste profile means there are no comparables in the market 2. Global Appeal - By marrying Eastern and Western flavors produces products with global appeal. 3. Versatility - Jaan products can be enjoyed on its own, on the rocks, in a cocktail or even desserts. 4. Multi-sensory Appeal - Exotic fragrances, luxurious texture, explosion of flavors, visually appealing. 5. Transformative - Incorporating Jaan will transform any drink from ordinary into something extraordinary. Jaan means "Love or Life" in Hindi/Urdu. Because your life is your love and your love is your life, the word Jaan is often used as a term for endearment. Hence, offering Jaan is symbolic of love, respect and friendship. It is offered with love and from the heart. When one drinks Jaan, it fills them with life! Hence our tag line: "Drink Jaan. Love Life."

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