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White Lightning Distillery




We are a true craft distillery that makes our alcohol from grain supplied by local farmers. We have an excellent vodka, Real Country Vodka, that gives you the full mouth feel without the nasty bitter aftertaste. We are currently rebranding our vodka as we have been met with criticism over our current label. This will be completed shortly. We take our clean vodka and we make two excellent Gin products. Our Real Country Gin has been made to bring the tranquility of Barrhead County from rural Alberta straight to your home and loved ones. We`ve paired our 100% sustainable local spirits with a soothing marriage of juniper, white citrus peel, and a kick of African spice to round-out our ingredients. Sip away, We`re all about no stress, full flavor. Our Triple White Gin is a pairing of delicacy and strength. We've vapour distilled our Crisp Barrhead County wheat spirits with botanicals from every continent on the globe, save Antarctica, with three special ingredients that match the name of our distillery. Just like most folks in our prairie homeland, were all bout full flavour, zero bite.

We have spent years laying the ground work at our small craft distillery. We get our grain from local farmers which help us create the finest spirits.

Our product range includes: Real Country Vodka, Triple White Gin and REAL COUNTRY GIN.

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