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Cachaça Tiara




History The Iara rum, as it was known, began to be produced in 1940, the former Fazenda Santa Cruz, Barra Longa, MG by Mr. Benjamin Siqueira, determined man and entrepreneur who spent the secret of how to produce a quality rum “cachaça” from generation to generation. With the current market demand was necessary to innovate the brand. Already in the 3rd generation, Cachaça Iara turned Tiara, keeping the same traditions of a typical Brazilian product, as well as football and Carnival. The Tiara is produced in Barra Longa city, MG, Brasil. This city which is located northwest of the Forest Zone, lands bordering the iron quadrangle and had the initial denomination of São José da Barra do Gualaxo, alluding to the patron saint and the river Gualaxo south. The founder of the city was the adventurous Matias Barbosa da Silva who was then in search of fertile land for farming. Production The production of Cachaça Tiara is handmade and full of details. Carries special secrets of a family production ranging from the planting of sugar cane to the bottling. The cane is planted and harvested at the right point on the farm. After clean cut, it is ground into 24 to 36 hours to separate the juice from the pulp. Then you need to give life to baking! Drinking water and corn meal are associated with the sugarcane juice to turn it into wine through the action of the yeast. The distillation occurs in 100% copper stills, and get it “heart cachaça”, consecrated to represent our culture and have our admiration. Remainder is the vinasse, reused as fertilizer in the sugarcane fields. The Tiara is aged in oak casks and Jequitibá, and before bottling, the product undergoes specific filtration processes developed by our team.

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