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MB Impex d.o.o.


Bosnia and Herzegovina


The company MB Impex was founded in 1996 in Banja Luka in northern Bosnia and Herzegovina. The main mission of the company is the production of high quality alcoholic beverages in smaller quantities, so that today the following products are produced: - Fruit brandies (Williams, apricot, quince, and plum brandy; - Honey, plum, and herbal liqueur; - Spirits (vodka, gin, and rum. For the production of high quality fruit brandies, the source of raw materials plays a crucial role, so we built a private orchard in 2007, thanks to which our brandies have a special flavor. In the production of liqueurs, great emphasis is placed on the selection of honey, plums, and herbs. For this reason, our products are made according to our own original recipes, what makes them unique. In the production of spirits, the grain alcohol quality and its multiple distillation are very important for our customers to be satisfied. The export of our products to 13 countries around the world confirms that we are on the right track. Hoping that you will become a member of the large family of our customers, the employees of MB Impex send best regards to you.

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