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The Millionaires' Club, Drinks International's report on the largest selling spirits brands put BULBASH VODKA in category Fastest Growing Global Brands. The Drinks Experts speak about the brand "Bulbash" as a promising direction, and buyers appreciate the drinks line for natural ingredients, soft and harmonious taste. All vodkas "Bulbash" are created based on traditional recipes, multiplied by modern production methods, innovative technology, natural products and Italian equipment. Vodka is made from selected Belarusian alcohols.. So, specifically for the beverage brand "Bulbash" the Company introduced nano and silver filters, which not only removes impurities, but also soften the final product. That’s the kind of vodka we had in mind when we launched the Bulbash brand in 2004: a great spirit from a great place – Belarus, a country with a centuries-old distilling tradition – making for a very unique vodka pedigree. Almost 10 year later with over 25 individual vodkas in our portfolio and success in 12 countries, we’re still looking forward. Rather than being driven by marketing our brand is brought to life by tradition and authenticity: a real product from a real place. But how do we do it? We’ve taken a great distilling tradition and filtered it through a high-tech quality control system including a patented nano-filtering technology. Nano filtration controls quality on the molecular level. Each bottle must meet stringent purity requirements: if it doesn’t match up it’s not Bulbash-proof. In the process of production we use only natural ingredients. In our products you will never find any artificial softeners of taste, such as glycerin, any aromatizes either natural or identical to natural, any dyes! Water - we get it from own artesian wells of the enterprise, from the depth of more than 100 meters – this is exactly where it is the most clean and tasty. We select spirit with special carefulness – only grain alcohol of “Lux” type, which quality is being strict controlled in our production laboratory. Aromatic spirits and alcoholized tinctures are yet another most important product of our drinks: this is exactly what adds exclusive “zest” and uniqueness to “Bulbash”. We make it ourselves on the basis of carefully and thoroughly selected real natural ingredients - birch buds, cranberries, ashberries and blueberries, wild holy grass, linden blossom and flower dust, honey, raisins, cereals, rye bread. BULBASH Vodkas received many Awards at different International Spirit Challenges. The World Vodka Awards are part of the prestigious World Drinks Awards programme, launched in 2007 with the World Whiskies Awards and World Beer Awards. Presented by, the world’s No. 1 online resource for drinks professionals. The World Vodka Awards select, reward and promote the best Vodka Taste and Design to consumers and trade across the globe. 2016- AWARDS RECEIVED Бульбашъ® AT THE INTERNATIONAL SPIRIT CHALLENGES . Bulbash №1-Belarus - Best Pure Neutral Vodka 2016 2015 THE INTERNATIONAL SPIRIT CHALLENGES Vodka Bulbash №1- Silver medal -Vodka Masters Vodka Bulbash №1 Zubrovaya- Gold medal - Vodka Masters Vodka Bulbash Nano - Silver medal Exhibition "Prodexpo" in Moscow Vodka Bulbash №1- Gold medal Vodka Bulbash №1 Zubrovaya Silver medal 2014 AWARDS RECEIVED AT THE INTERNATIONAL SPIRIT CHALLENGE IN LONDON «International Spirits Challenge 2014» 1 Vodka Bulbash №1 Zubrovaya " — Trophy-Grand Prix 2 Vodka Bulbash №1 Zubrovaya- Gold medal 3 Vodka Bulbash №1- Silver medal «The World Vodka Awards 2014» 1 Bulbash N1 World's Best Pure / Neutral Vodka 2014 2 Bulbash N1 Zubrovaya Premium- Flavoured Vodka Bronze medal 2014 At Exhibition "Prodexpo" 2014 in Moscow vodka won the gold medal in the category "Innovative Product". 1 Bulbash N1 World's Best Pure / Neutral Vodka 2014- Gold medal 2 Bulbash N1 Zubrovaya Premium - Gold medal 2013 THE SPIRITS BUSINESS Vodka Brand Champions 2013 AWARDS RECIEVED AT THE PRODEXPO 2013 IN MOSCOW 1 Vodka "Bulbash NANO" — Gold medal 2 Spirit "Bulbash.Cranberry — Gold medal AWARDS RECEIVED AT THE INTERNATIONAL SPIRIT CHALLENGE 2013 IN LONDON 1 Vodka "Bulbash NANO" — Silver medal AWARDS RECEIVED AT THE INTERNATIONAL SPIRIT CHALLENGE 2012 IN LONDON 1 Vodka "Bulbash NANO" — Bronze medal 2 Vodka "Bulbash Hlebnaya" — Bronze medal 2012 AWARDS RECEIVED AT THE PRODEXPO IN MOSCOW 1 Spirit "Bulbash. Honey with cayenne" — Gold medal 2 Vodka "Bulbash Hlebnaya" — Silver medal 2011 AWARDS RECIEVED AT THE INTERNATIONAL COMPERTITION "THE BEST VODKA — 2011" 1 Vodka Bulbash — Gold medal 2 Vodka Listochki — Silver medal 3 Bulbash Zubrovaya — Gold medal 4 Spirit "Bulbash.Cranberry" — Silver medal 5 Bulbash Balsam — Silver meda AWARDS RECIEVED AT THE PRODEXPO 2011 IN MOSCOW 1 Vodka Bulbash — Gold medal 2 Vodka Listochki — Gold medal 2010 AWARDS RECIEVED AT THE INTERNATIONAL SPIRIT CHALLENGE IN LONDON 1 Vodka Bulbash — Gold medal AWARDS RECIEVED AT THE PRODEXPO 2010 IN MOSCOW 1 Bulbash Zubrovaya — Prodexpo star 2 Bulbash Balsam — Silver medal 3 Dobra shklyanka. Rodnikovaya — Bronze medal 2009 AWARDS RECIEVED AT THE INTERNATIONAL SPIRIT CHALLENGE IN LONDON 1 Spirit "Bulbash. On Bison Grass" Gold medal 2 Spirit "Bulbash. On birch buds" Bronze medal

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