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Campaign Lordnok capital was founded in 2006, when first vineyards of Agassi and his family were planted on the territory of the highland Ararat Valley. The Ararat plain is one of the largest of the Armenian Plateau. It stretches west of the Sevan basin, at the foothills of the Geghama mountains. In the north, the plain borders on Mount Aragats, and Mount Ararat in the south. It is divided into two sections by the Aras River. The Ararat plain and the Sevan basin experience abundant sunshine and are the sunniest areas in Armenia, receiving about 2,700 hours of sunshine a year. Chateau Armash is located in the heart of the Ararat valley and ages more than 10 years in wine-making. Unique natural conditions allow usto produce a whole range of products in Chateau: red and white still wines, liqueurs and brandies. The distinctive feature of the vineyards is the soil and the climate. Ararat valley - the sunniest place in the country. The stony soil allows to keep the sun's heat for a very long time, even at night. This certainly affects on quality of vines and grapes.

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