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PhoenixMart, a global marketplace of top manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, is rapidly approaching groundbreaking and we want you to play a major role in representing American manufacturing as the world leader in Quality, Service, Selection, and Price. With a goal of securing the top manufacturers and distributors from within the United States, we have identified you among this select group.      PhoenixMart is committed to showcasing top American manufacturing brands by offering maximum exposure in the finest fully-integrated, multi-category, sourcing center in the world. PhoenixMart will feature manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors specializing in:   ·Food & Beverage        Strategically located in the Southwestern United States, PhoenixMart provides tenants with a unique distribution point that connects worldwide buyers to the greatest selection of American quality and internationally competitive sellers.  All at direct prices! All under one roof! At PhoenixMart, nearly 2000 quality manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors, housed in over 1.7 million square feet, can sell products, develop connections, trade information, preview trends and explore new markets. PhoenixMart showcases products in one convenient location—all year long.   Please feel free to contact me anytime as it is my intention to develop a great working relationship and to offer any assistance, communication or collateral that may provide answers or solutions.   Sincerely, Shannon Murphy Business Economic Development (480) 290-0249 cell (602) 466-2402 office

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