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Chicago Beer Company


United States


THE STORY OF CHICAGO BEER COMPANY Every devoted brewer dreams of successfully selling their brew to the beer-consuming free world. Time and again, the same recipe is brewed with ever-so-slight modifications in persistent pursuit of the perfect balance of taste and finish, until you think you’ve finally got it. A beer that surpasses even the highest of expectations and delights the taste buds of your friends and family … one that will surely have craft beer enthusiasts sipping with joy. Such dreams can be exponentially expounded in correlation to the amount of that perfected brew recently consumed. Add a picturesque cityscape, the relaxation of a hot tub on a crisp autumn night, near perfect alignment of the stars, a considerable dose of Irish good fortune, and several like-minded relatives who consumed a similar quantity of your extraordinary brew, and … voila … a new beer company is born. Chicago Beer Company, that is. Inspired from the great city of Chicago where an exceptional Belgian-style witbier was carefully formulated and zealously taste-tested. Such was the destiny that led to the creation of Chicago Beer Company’s flagship release, Chi-Town Windy City Wheat! We are proud to say Chicago Beer Company is 100% family owned and operated and our branding is based upon 100% Chicago-pride. Our goal is to produce the finest quality craft beers that will be deemed worthy of their Chicago namesake. Yes, from such humble and unlikely beginnings, a craft beer star was formed. Soon to be followed by a constellation of other perfectly brewed … and faithfully taste-tested … Chi-Town beer stars. So, look out Chicago, the forecast is Windy!

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