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BevKo, LLC is proud to introduce POOL Vodka and POOL Blue. With an award winning design and unparalleled taste, the POOL brand stands out in a market that is considered overly saturated. “With so many options for customers to choose, it was important for POOL to stand out not only in design but in the quality of our vodka and uniqueness of our flavoring.” Both POOL Vodka and Pool Blue are hand crafted in the US. “We outsource the production of our vodka in Bardstown, Kentucky. “There is a rich history of distillation and spirit manufacturing there, as well as a remarkably pure water source.” POOL then distills its vodka 6 times to insure that only the smoothest and cleanest vodka is bottled. Taking things one step further, POOL uses that same 6 times distilled vodka and blends it with its 100% All Natural fruit flavors to bring you POOL Blue. In addition to POOL Blue being a fun and eye catching blue color, it blends together tropical fruit flavors with a crisp lime bite and a hint of coconut that leaves you wanting another sip. The name “POOL” was chosen for two reasons as the name of BevKo’s vodka brand. The first reason is the acronym P O O L, which stands for Perfect Outlook On Life. The second takes that acronym and applies it to life. “We wanted to find something that tied in all the characteristics that we felt make for a great vodka brand. To own a pool is a LUXURY in a person’s life. One feels a sense of PRIDE and achieves a certain level of STATUS when owning a pool. A pool can bring STYLE to any landscape and becomes a centerpiece that brings together family and friends.” The POOL brand achieves all of these characteristics while still maintaining focus on what is most important, FUN. In an industry where brands often try to tarnish each other’s reputations and integrity, POOL takes the high road by focusing on what they feel is the most important aspect of enjoying spirits responsibly: “Whether it’s a business suit or a swim suit, POOL Vodka brings both worlds together for one common goal, to relax and have fun”

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