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Aiko Importers, Inc.


United States


Aiko Importers, Inc., is a US importer of alcoholic beverages, has the expanded distribution network over all territory of the United States. A company headquarter is located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Here is the beer department and beer warehouse. Trade office, along with wine and spirits department and warehouse, - in Atlanta, a capital of the State of Georgia. We’ve built a very unique portfolio of imported strong and super-strong craft beers nobody has. Now, when economy is down and many consumers are compelled to switch from high-alcohol wines and spirits to high-alcohol beers, our beers became very popular. Because of great package, good taste, very high alcohol content (up to 15 % abv) and low price, they are successfully selling themselves in 32 states.

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Category: Wine Importer
Country: United States

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