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Principe Ibleo




We’ve been working achieving to maintain high quality wines, mostly made for my Family consumption, selecting best grapes skillfully. I always pushed for sustainable growing method decreasing chemical technique usage by the years. I personally take care of any step of the winemaking process, for instance I personally select the wood for the casks for my wines. And this is just one step of the process. You can release all those features at the first sip. I took a popular Italian young Artist, Lucilla Pesce, drawing all wine labels to express how our Brand, full of history, has its roots lying deep in the beautiful Sicilian land. Wine is a Family Passion to me, becoming a business later on. We’ve ever thought to wine just for Family pleasure and never like a business, but the genuineness of our wines and their particular taste attracted the attention of closer friends at the beginning, and the demand of wines from Consumers grown quickly bringing us to think to distribute our products seriously. Antonio Catania

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Category: Wine Wholesaler
Country: Germany

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