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Brought to you by, Soft drink Company Denmark Ltd A new type of drink All natural ingredients Pure fruit syrup Organic honey With or without caffeine 4 years of development 4 years of research in The rainforests of Thailand, The jungles of Brasil And in a kitchen in Kopenhagen 5 different labs and factories And a hundred lifetimes of effort and persistence To bring you: NAP New Age Power´s all natural energy. NAP Mission Statement Here´s a company that will build things correct. By understanding the size of the market and the effects of mass consumption on the consumers, NAP will be committing to a policy of enduring relations, participation in the support of local, nation-wide and global sport projects, environmental friendly ways in all lines of business and charity support. NAP always has to be in the right place, on the right time and in the hands of the right person. Therefore NAP products will undergo testing by universities, sports institutes and public- and governmental health institutes. Through adapting to and pre-acting on existing- and future health regulations, NAP will be a safe bet for anybody; a high quality and intelligent product, with good looks and excellent taste and made out of the best all natural ingredients. Marketing Using the mission statement as a guide line for its marketing strategy, NAP is looking to obtain and maintain a serious and healthy image. To obtain a healthy image, NAP will seek support and cooperation with national- and international independent sport institutes, such as universities and Olympic National- and International Comities. To maintain a healthy image, NAP will launch campaigns aimed at the people that do the purchasing for their households. This is the group who buys 80% of all supermarket purchases. They have to be informed that NAP is much healthier and better tasting than any other energy drink. On the other hand, the brand NAP has to be ´cool´ enough to be accepted by the other members of the household, mostly being husbands and children. To have the brand to be cool enough for the husbands and children to drink NAP, NAP will be broadly represented at local-, national- and international sport clubs and sport events. Still using the mission statement as a guideline, sports most suited to be associated with for NAP would be non-engine using sports, unless the engines are fully environmental friendly. Sports such as tennis, athletics, volleyball, cycling and golf are to be NAP sports. To have the brand cool enough for the on trade market, NAP will be associated with the dance scene. Branding on Ibiza with the top 100 DJ´s, NAP will be seen and drunk by millions of dance lovers. Here also lays a big opportunity, by developing a caffeine free energy drink, it can be safely mixed with spirits. NAP will design a line especially useful for bars and clubs, but also easily to be picked up by retailers, making it a uniform fashionable all-round sports and energy drink, unique in its sort.

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