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The brewery started trading in 1983 and is one of Wiltshire\'s oldest micro and craft breweries. It is situated on Salisbury Plain, a mere stone\'s throw from the ancient monument Stonehenge. Some of the magnificent, award-winning ales bear names related to the magnificent and mystical stone circle. The beers are brewed in an idyllic, old, electrical power plant built in 1914 in an equally idyllic setting upon the banks of the river Avon. The stones, which are now part of Stonehenge were transported on rafts past the site where the brewery now stands. The brewery was started by Mr. Bunce, but in 1993 Danish Master Brewer Stig Anker Andersen bought the brewery and he and his wife Anna Marie, who is half Inuit and half Danish, have now owned and run the brewery for 21 years with great success. In late 2014 a new product - STONEHENGE WATER - will be available. in the ancient past were rafted past were . The building works perfectly as a traditional tower brewery, where gravity takes care of the flow - only one pump is

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