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Obolon Joint Stock Company is the biggest Ukrainian producer of beverages - Private Joint Stock Company "Obolon" with production capacity over 100 mln. decaliters per year. "Obolon" corporation is a vertically integrated company with production facilities in 8 regions. We use exceptionally German equipment for the production of beverages: Ziemann - brewhouse equipment, KHS and Krones - filling lines. Overall company employment estimates 7500 people. Our range consists of the following products: beer lager (alcoholic / non-alcoholic), radler (beer mix, hard mix), cider, alcoholic drinks (rum cola, brandy cola, gin tonic, vodka lime, whiskey cherry), carbonated soft drinks and mineral water. The product portfolio is represented in 36 countries such as: USA, China, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Lithuania etc. We supply our beverages in glass bottles, PET bottles, aluminum cans and kegs of various volumes. In addition to the regular assortment we offer our partners customized products on private label.

The history of the corporation dates back to 1974, when the alluvium of the site for the construction of the brewery began. The opening of the production was timed to coincide with the 1980 Olympic Games. Czech experts - world-famous masters of brewing - were involved as experts. It was they who determined the place of construction of the new brewery. The choice of construction site was determined by the main factor - the availability of large reserves of soft and crystal clear water. Today, water from the depths of the Jurassic horizon (290 m) ensures the high quality of our products. Soon the company gave impetus to the formation of the largest corporation in Ukraine for the production of beer, soft drinks and mineral water. Built on a Czech project, the brewery brewed beer, which quickly gained widespread popularity. After Ukraine gained independence, Obolon Corporation was the first to start exporting hop drinks to Europe and the United States. Beer under the Obolon brand has been perceived around the world as a traditional Ukrainian beer. A quarter of a century later, Obolon has become a world-famous brand. Today, people on five continents associate Obolon with Ukrainian beer №1.

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