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Matawi-Swahili for branches-invites you to experience Africa's oldest celebratory drink, mead. Our alcoholic honey range is natural, sustainable & low-sugar. Branch out with Matawi & experience the world’s oldest known alcohol: mead. Matawi revives Xhosa mead-making traditions, putting a sophisticated spin on iqhilika.

Matawi is an alcoholic honey beverage company headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa, which was founded in 2018 when the province came perilously close to depleting it's potable water supply. Matawi's mead range is environmentally appealing, as it uses water exclusively for production, in contrast to alcohols made from base ingredients requiring irrigation for months. Matawi is also proud to play its part in conserving the indigenous mead-making heritage of South Africa's Xhosa communities, harnessing contemporary brewing, distilling and wine-making practices to present a more sophisticated 'iqhilika.' Matawi's still, distilled, fortified and carbonated meads serve as the ideal canvas on which to showcase Africa's finest honey, botanicals, herbs, fruits and spices.

Matawi’ is the Swahili word for branches. We chose this name for our brand, as it communicates our connected to something larger than ourselves and to remain rooted in our values as we, flourish. the concept of Ubuntu, expressed by saying ‘I am because we are’ as well as other African proverbs that speak to the importance of community and connection. One we hold particularly dear is: if you want to travel fast, go alone; but if you want to travel far, go with others. Matawi is a proudly Pan-African company whose name means branches in Kiswahili, an apt brand name as we’re inviting you to branch out and experience the best Africa has to offer.

Our product range includes: Still mead (flavours: honey, hibiscus), Sparkling mead (flavours: honey, hibiscus), Braggot / honey ale (flavours: honey, hibiscus) and Mead mixer also known as draught mead (flavours: hibiscus, citrus & blackcurrant).

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