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Sake brewery "MANZAIRAKU" was founded in 1716 during the Edo period. The brewery is located at the foot of Mt.Hakusan, famous for its pure water and long history of religious respect. The Hakusan area was the first area to be approved by the Japanese government as a geographical indication to produce sake. In 1992, they started making also Umeshu ( plum liqueur ) '' Kagaumesyu '' which was served at Nobel reception party in 2013.

Since ancient times, MANZAIRAKU, which means "Be Happy Always", has been brewing sake with sincere gratitude for all the blessings of nature in Hakusan city. More recently, Mainzairiku was blessed by the Japanese Government as the first recognised sake producer to be awarded Geographical Indication status in Japan. This status, indicating excellence of product combined with limited geographical production area, is similar to other famous geographically recognised foods and drinks around the world.

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