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Birrificio Della Granda




Birrificio della Granda’s story is a mix of tradition and passion. Its founder, Ivano, after working several years as a consultant around Italy, decided in 2007 to return to his hometown to farm the land and dedicate his life to his father’s agricultural estate in Northern Italy, an area strong with agricultural and gastronomic tradition. His love for the land, his attention to the quality of the ingredients and his dedication to farming encouraged him to follow his passion and in 2011, he began the brewery known as Birrificio della Granda. The family farm, located in the northwest region of Italy in Piedmont, harvests their own ingredient, the malted barley, using strict agricultural rules. The farm ensures the highest environmental standards in crafting 8 different and very unique styles of beer. LIVE BEERS All beers of Birrificio della Granda are live beers. Moreover, Birrificio della Granda produces only ale, top fermented and bottle conditioned beers. NATURAL CARBONIZATION Unlike non-bottled conditioned beers that are carbonated through a process known as forced carbonization, Birrificio della Granda’s beers allow the yeast to naturally carbonate the beer after fermentation is complete. NATURAL ONGOING AGING Because active yeast stays in the bottle conditioned beer, it continues to develop and age slightly over time and makes bottle conditioned beer perfect for aging, as it will continue to mature even after being bottled. INGREDIENTS Birrificio della Granda crafts all beers with no substitutes, no stabilizers, no preservatives, and no low quality ingredients. WHY US •TOP QUALITY: Birrificio Della Granda’s beers are bottle conditioned beers, naturally carbonated and don’t contain any stabilizers, preservatives or low quality ingredients 
 •PROPERTIES OVER TIME: Thanks to their active yeast, our bottle conditioned beers keep their natural fermentation and guarantee a longer shelf life 
 •A FARM, NOT SIMPLY A PRODUCER: You are not partnering with a beer producer, but with a real farm that naturally crafts the fruits of its harvest following a strict, natural manufacturing process with full control of its production 
 •FAST GROWING ITALIAN BRAND that leverages our enormous success with a constantly growing number of consumers chasing our brand and beers 
 •ORIGINAL DESIGN, thanks to our non-conventional product categorization, communication content and personal style 
 •INNOVATION: Della Granda is keeping its pace with innovative formulas and experimentation, proposing new recipes and marketing features each year 

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