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Birra Sant'Arnoldo - Venezia




Sant'Arnoldo brewery in Venice (Italy) - 6 different excellent flavors inspired by passion, following the best international brewing traditions. Sant'Arnoldo beer - an history during centuries. More than 2000 years ago, during same historical period when the Colosseum was built in the ancestral Rome, the Romans created the Graticolato, the famous and imposing land graticule dividing the territory of the north-east extended in between the areas of Padua and Venice, giving rise to a grand monument which, if only it had been a high-tenth of the Colosseum, today would be the most majestic in the world. And it is right in the middle of the Graticolato Romano that, from twenty years experience of prestigious brewers inspired by passion, following craft brewing methods and best international traditions, it comes the magnificent beer Sant'Arnoldo. Producing superior quality beer, unpasteurised, unfiltered, preservatives-free and with no additives, using only the best raw materials, is a choice for which Sant'Arnoldo’s brewers are proud, electing the quality as the one and only goal. The very long process and timing for a natural fermentation at high temperature at which the beer is subjected during the production steps, including refermentation in bottle with champagne method, as well as the choice of the best malts, hops, yeasts and ancestral spices, give to Sant'Arnoldo beer uniqueness in taste, superior authenticity, a very strong character, colors and scents, combined with a refined perlage and worthy of note. Available in 6 different flavors that highlight the excellent artistic personality of its master brewers, beer Sant'Arnoldo is ready to satisfy beer lovers in the broad sense up to the most demanding palates, accompanying different combinations by culinary extra refined until the minimal kitchen. Finally, also its name find in the history its noble origins. In medieval age, a Flemish Benedictine abbot named Arnoldo, later became the saint patron of brewers, taking fame and holiness from the miracle of having saved the entire city of Soissons from cholera, thanks to inviting members of his community to drink the beer produced at the abbey instead of often-contaminated water.

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