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Vintage Distributors, LLC

Beer Wholesaler

United States


We are Vintage Distributors, LLC. We are a family owned and operated boutique winery and craft brewery distributor. We only work with high quality, limited production, breweries and wineries. We let the “big boy” distributors handle all of the mass production manufacturers. In fact, we only started this company so that smaller, high quality producers had the ability to sign with a distributor more interested in quality than mass production. We wanted to bring wines and beers that we personally would want to consume into our market. We also have great interest in working with high quality, foreign based wineries and breweries. Due to the fact that we are specialized, and focused on a very specific manufacturer profile, we have a limited market to which we distribute. Currently we distribute to the Northwest panhandle of Florida, USA. We have had discussions regarding expansion throughout Florida. But in keeping with our mission to bring high quality products to our local market, expansion is not likely in the near future. We are actively looking to expand our Craft Beer and Wine portfolio. Please feel free to contact us further.

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