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Aiko Importers, Inc.

Beer Importer

United States


Aiko Importers, Inc., is a US importer of alcoholic beverages, has the expanded distribution network over all territory of the United States. A company headquarter is located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. Trade office - in Atlanta, a capital of the State of Georgia. 14 years in business. The company has established business relationships with beer, wine and spirits manufacturers from countries of Euro-Asian and American continents, possesses exclusive rights to sell many brands in the US. In to the USA, the company imports beer from India, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina; High professionalism and absolute self-giving of the company's fellow workers, aiming at self-American and ethnic markets of the US, taking in consideration alcohol needs and partialities of numerous ethnic groups residing on the territory of the US, flexibility in renewal and development of the product portfolio, permanent search for new distributors - all this facilitates the company success. The important feature that makes the company different from others working in the US with ethnic products is that, importing goods in to the USA, the company sells them only to distributors and doesn't sell them to retailers. This helps us to save efforts and resources and completely focus on sole important task - expand distribution network over all territory of America. As a result, the company was able to create the network consisting of 68 distributor companies located 37 states.

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