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Craft Distillers Spirits Competition 2019




Are you a craft whiskey maker in a sea of other whiskey makers?  One niche vodka maker among many?  A new tequila producer trying to establish a consumer base? 

Well, it's time to get noticed...and one of the best ways is through organized judging.  A win can ramp up your exposure in no time.  And multiple wins will truly set your craft beverage apart from the rest.  High marks help guide purchasing decisions in your market.

Here's a new contest you won't want to miss - the Craft Distiller's Spirits Competition, now in its second year.

A win here can:

  • Increase sales and consumer recognition??
  • Help grow your brand
  • Amp up your exposure
  • Shine the spotlight on new or unfamiliar brands
  • Allow consumers to rediscover old favorites
  • Help establish industry trends in craft distilling
  • Identify brands that are unique and worth sampling

For further information: Craft Distillers Spirits Competition

Location & Dates

From: 04/12/2019
Up to: 05/12/2019
Location: Sonoma County, California


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