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Donato Select Vodka


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My name is Dino Donatto I am the owner of Donato Select Vodka, I am looking for major liquor distributors in the US, would be wonderful if we can work together and make it happen.

My product has been moving very well in Texas, the quality of our grains, water, and purification technologies are unique and distinctively better.  the potential of my product in the right hands is immense.  

Another big plus about the Donato Select Vodka are the attractive margins, the business philosophy is to transfer those margins to the retailer so at the end they become the ambassadors of the product.  So far the plan has been working very good, liquor shop owners are pushing the product not only because is good but because they get much more margins compared to other international and even local brands.

Any question please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dino Pezzarossi,

+1 713 391 9811

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