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Brokers needed for Papa C's Rum Punch

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Coutois Blending Corporation


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We are seeking brokers/Sales Reps for Papa C's Rum Punch in the following States, where we already have distributors New York, California, Colorado, Florida and Wisconsin. 

Also looking to work with brokers,sales reps in Georgia, Lousiana, North and South  Carolina, Texas

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We are producers of Oak Barrels-Barriques,Cask and Vats.

We are producers of Oak Barrels-Barriques,Cask and Vats, would like to offer you our products-Bariques and Distillery barrels.

The main goal of the firm, founded in 1990, is barrel manufacturing. Its motto is “Everything in this world can be done, but not by everyone”. Convinced that passion and mastery are not sufficient (to do this job), concentrates its efforts on discovering the “magic” that happens inside the barrel. We study in depth the interaction between wine and wooden material and only then we select the material very carefully with the ambition to offer high quality barrels. The taste and flavor properties of the barrel imparted to the wine are elements which require a lot of thinking and hard work in the toasting process. Barrels for us are not just means to an end but a way to improve the identity of wine. We highly appreciate working together with you in the magical environment of wine-growing and wine-producing.

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