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Antica Distilleria Invitti


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Antica Distilleria Invitti was founded in 1948 by the family Invitti. It is now a well-established industry in Sondrio, a little town in the middle of the Alps. The distillery values the quality in every product by attentively selecting the pomace and everything that will be in contact with it. The final result is a natural spirit called grappa, which can exclusively be produced in Italy. It is famous for its strong taste, for being the typical Italian alcoholic beverage and for its scents. The distillery's culture is to produce a beverage that can represent the concept of drinking well, not much. It embodies the idea of the importance of every single sip on the consumer's tongue. These are the reasons why the result is a grappa that has been awarded on a national and on an international level. Its appearance, its taste and its aromatic profile have been praised at the London Spirits Competition, at the National Competition for Grappa in Italy and at the Competition "The Golden Alembic" in Italy. 

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