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Weingut Kilian Hunn


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We are a traditional family owned and run estate in the fifth generation. Our estate is located in the centre of the Baden region, in the triangle between the famous Black Forest, Switzerland and France.

Passion for wine and nature, and more over to our vines embosses and characterizes our philosophy. We consider our wines as ambassadors of our unique winegrowing region, reflecting a perfect symbioses of our climate and terroir.

Motivation and support comes from our family where we all work closely together, hand in hand, to achieve our passion. Our objective is simply quality.

Our wines are the undiscovered alternative to the wines from Burgundy. Surprisingly for many wine lovers, it is here in Baden where the Burgundy varieties, such as Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir, were first cultivate. Longer than Burgundy itself. Our wines combine the traditional Burgundy characters with a unique flavour profile. The grapes are grown on the slopes of the Tuniberg – a loess-limestone elevation made up of 145million year old limestone and loess sediment from the ancient glacier times – under perfect climatic and viticultural conditions.  These conditions result in classical dry wines that present an amplified fruit intensity and mouth-watering flavours that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

From the beginning to the very end of the wine making process, our winemaker Kilian Hunn controls all steps of the production in our winery. His passion for the unique Terroir in Baden characterises the KILIAN HUNN philosophy of wine making and consider our wines as ambassadors of our unique terroir and climate. Our vineyards are also cultivated strictly with environmentally friendly modern techniques.

Our ambitious family-run estate has received many prestigious awards and is also highly recommended by numerous international wine competitions. We have attached the scores and awards of the major wine competitions for your reference.

Our ambitious family Estate is highly awarded and recommended by numerous international wine competitions such as DECANTER, AWC Vienna etc. The fruit driven and harmonious character of our wines matches perfectly to a large selection of fine food and other special occasions.

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