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SakePortal targets businesses interested in the import of Sake and looking to increase sales. Japan based licensed Japanese Sake distributor and exporter of smaller Artisan breweries with generations of history and awards. We focus on breweries who excel in producing the highest quality Sake using traditional methods and sourcing/supporting local businesses.

We enjoy supporting and growing with our import partners. We can deliver to wholesalers, distributors and direct to bars, restaurants, hotels etc..

We also offer private/custom label Sake and your own OEM Sake!


            Our Merit:

  •             Experience
  •             Knowledge
  •             Connnections
  •             Reputation
  •             Relationships
  •             Native English/Japanese
  •             Constantly adapting and following global trends


            Quality Standards:

  •             Japanese Certified Sake sommelier
  •             Strict supplier criteria


            Your Merit:

  •             Pre-negotiated discount prices
  •             Exclusive Sake and agreements
  •             OEM with reduced minimum quantities
  •             Speed and flexibility
  •             No communication barriers
  •             Ease of business
  •             Trusted shipping partners

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