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Company From: United States Looking for: Wine from:



We are a small company located in Key West, Florida. We are looking for an expensive wine and champagne selection such as with screw caps for sale a waterborne bar. We are able to sell now in Copa.


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Buyer Country: United States Looking for: Vodka From:

OFFICIAL RELAUNCH! Locally owned. Where a high-end lifestyle meets music. 5 star quality ultra premium vodka at a price that beats the competition. Unlike taking the traditional route, we have developed partnerships and co-branded with with other locally owned businesses, musical talent and podcast in an attempt to grow together with the ultimate goal of helping one another succeed. 6 times distilled 100% corn based product w/ a mildly sweet and a slight burn to the pallet. smooth pallat finish so its ideal for sipping on the rocks as well as mixing

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Buyer Country: United States Looking for: Whisky From:

Our business is doing wine trading that we buy wine in the US. We are looking for large quantities of Martell Blue swift 750ml and Hennessy VSOP

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Buyer Country: United States Looking for: Whisky From:

Seeking bulk Irish Whiskey at cask strength, at least 3 years aged, for import to US. Estimating demand for 4 x 24,000 L tanks in year 1. Future contracted supply potential.

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Buyer Country: Canada Looking for: Wine From:

Looking for the following value brands: Pinot Grigio Prosecco Pinot Noir Sauv Blanc Pinot Noir Cabernet Sav

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