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I am looking for small organic and natural wine producers in addition to traditional winemaking. I am looking for small production wines. Please feel free to pass along any serious wineries that are also interested in a distribution partnership.

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Address: New York, NY, USA
City: NY
State: New York
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Buyer Country: United States Looking for: Wine From:

Rose, Red (Cabernet, Merlot, Red Blend), White (Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling, Moscato). $4-$7 USA Price per Unit. Wine in a Can, and Corked.

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Buyer Country: New Zealand Looking for: Beer From:

Looking for beers either in packs. Or in bigger bottles to be supplied.

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Buyer Country: United States Looking for: Whisky From:

Hello. I am looking for all variety of Jack Daniels Whisky products only from USA to be exported to Vietnam. Willing to buy in bulk quantity.

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Buyer Country: United States Looking for: Wine From:

I'm looking for a blended Off-Dry White Zinfandel and a blended Pinot Grigio preferably from California. Also, I would like to for the price to be less than $8/gallon. Thank you.

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Buyer Country: Isle of Man Looking for: Cider From:

Cider Barn Wholesale is looking to work with UK cider producers that make 100% juice ciders made the same way as wine. We are looking for a cider recipe that we can call our own and brand as Cider Barn Cider. Non pasteurised is preferable but not a deal breaker. We would ideally like to be in a position at the end of the process where we own the recipe. We would like them to be bottled in 75cl bottles like a wine bottle and with crown caps. We can provide branded labels if necessary. If this sounds like you please do get in touch.

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