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Company From: United States Looking for: Wine from:



Looking for Red, White, Rose, Sparkling Wines and Kosher Wines that are currently warehoused and available for sale in the United States. We are a New York and New Jersey based distributor that is looking for wines that are already imported into the United States. The wines should wholesale in the $40 to $90 per case category

Postal address

Address: 107-23 71st Rd
City: Forest Hills
State: NY
ZIP code: 11375


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Buyer Country: Italy Looking for: Wine From:

Foodelux is the first wholesaler-only e-commerce source for Made in Italy food produce. Reliability, flexibility, and dynamism make Foodelux a leading global distributor of quality Italian goods. We are looking for bulk wine from Italy.

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Buyer Country: United States Looking for: Wine From:

Looking for red, white, rose and sparkling wines that are currently imported and warehoused on the East coast of the United states. We are a New York based distributor that is looking to add new brands to our portfolio.

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Buyer Country: Poland Looking for: Wine From:

we're looking for: 1) To begin, a semi-dry or dry yet very fruity rosé for CANNED wine product. Grape variety is not important. In the future we plan to make white and red wine, so an ongoing relationship is possible! 2) Canning requires a PH under 3. 3) Canning facility is located in the UK. Import clearance for the UK is vital. 4) The brand is based in Warsaw. Is there a way to send a sample or indicate an existing wine label from the supplier for CEO to taste? 5) Quantity desired is 1000L, but we can negotiate to purchase up to 3000L if necessary. 6) We're trying to spend below 2 Euro / liter for the future on 5000-10,000 L, HOWEVER, for our first batch of 1000-3000L we have some price flexibility, and can spend more. 7) We can cover the shipping costs as necessary. Please do not hesitate to contact me or, if you can supply a rosé based on these necessities, please send information and pricing.

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Buyer Country: India Looking for: Whisky From:

we are looking for the Blended whisky and Gin for the India market. In mid segment price range.

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