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Company From: United States Looking for: Whisky from:



We are Big City Distributors and we are interested in exporting All Alchohol Product Types to the US.


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Buyer Country: Japan Looking for: Wine From:

We're a Japanese trading company and looking for bulk wine & Grape Juice Concentrate from SPAIN and Italy. Here're our requirement.

SPAIN - Red/white bulk wine with 100% traceability including sprayed pesticide record. Grape Juice Concentrate with 100% traceability including sprayed pesticide record.

Italy- Rossisimo bulk wine and Grape Juice Concentrate including 100% traceability including sprayed pesticide record.

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Buyer Country: China Looking for: Beer From:

1.Fruili strawberry beer 24/330ml bottle & 30L kegs 2. Estrella Damm beer 12/750ml bottle 3.Chimay rouge 330ml / Blue 330ml / Blue 750ml 4.DELIRIUM NOCTURNUM 24X330ml bottle / RED 24X330ml bottle / TREMENS 24X330ml bottle 5.Heineken Pilsner 330ml can / Heineken 330ml bottle / Heineken 150ml bottle 6.Kronenbourg blanc 330ml / blanc 250ml bottle / Kronenbourg flavors 250ml bottle 7. Franziskaner 330ml bottle 8.Hoegaarden white 330ml 9.Buderweiser

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Buyer Country: Israel Looking for: Beer From:

I am owner of utility patent subscribed in USA and many other countries. My Patent is- beerbong bottle- its unique and innovative and I think it could do big bazz in the beer market I am looking for brewery that can fill my bottles with light lager beer

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