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Company From: United States Looking for: Whisky from:



We are Big City Distributors and we are interested in exporting All Alchohol Product Types to the US.


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Buyer Country: United States Looking for: Wine From:

I am interested in identifying a custom crush facility that will offer me an opportunity to buy, market, and distribute wine. I do not own a winery, nor do I have the facility to make the wine, so I need to have wines made at a custom crush facility or purchase bulk wines from a winery. Then, I want to create my own label for bottling, and I will work on the marketing and distribution for the product. I am a novice and just getting started, so I would like to discuss all phases of the operation, including funding and the initial investment that is required. Also, I'm open to discussion with a consultant who can guide me through the process as well.

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Buyer Country: Chile Looking for: Wine From:

My name is Massimiliano Vieille and I work for an important importer and distributor in Chile. We sell to big supermarkets and wholesalers like SMU, WALMART and TOTTUS. One of our customers from a big supermarket is asking for low-cost sparkling wine for private label (Brut and Moscato) and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, like beer, juice and carbonated drinks. Please send me some alternatives and a full catalog for the products you offer for private label and the variety you offer. I need the next information as complete as possible: 1 FOB price per unit 2 Port 3 Units per container 20st 4 Units per container 40HQ 5 MOQ 6 Packing type 7 Product image 8 Shelf life 9 Payment terms 10 Production time 11 Factory certificates 12 Nutritional information

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Buyer Country: United States Looking for: Whisky From:

We are looking to buy 2-3 year old Bourbon from the US. We are also looking for 10 year old and older as well. 36% High Rye Mash build primarily but are open to other builds as well.

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Buyer Country: Brazil Looking for: Beer From:

Hello, We are looking for a supplier of Blue Moon Beer for exportation to Brazil. We are going to buy in a regular basis, this product is selling very well in Brazil at this moment. Thanks.

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