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Company From: United States Looking for: Cognac from:



Looking to purchase cognac from these brands: Hennessy, Louis XIII, Macallan and Martell

Postal address

Address: 173 Briarbend Court, Powell, OH, USA
City: Powell
State: Delaware County
ZIP code:
Country: Liberty Township


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Buyer Country: Benin Looking for: Wine From:

We looking for a reliable company that can supply us wine, food beverages and other related products. Which product will you supply us? We are also interested in representing foreign company who want to expand their business network within our shores. Thanks, Madam Roseline Agossou Sales Department AG-Ben Sarl 

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Buyer Country: United States Looking for: Cognac From:

Looking to purchase 200 cs of these listed brands from France or US. Up front payments. Hennessy series Paradise, Hennessy series Paradise Imperial, Hennessy series Richard, Hennessy series VSOP, Hennessy series XO, Louis XIII Louis XIII, MACALLAN series 15Y Sherry Oak, MACALLAN series 18Y Sherry Oak, MACALLAN series 21Y Sherry Oak, MACALLAN series 25Y Sherry Oak, MACALLAN series 30Y Sherry Oak, Martell series Cordon Bleu, Martell series Noblige, Martell series XO

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