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Company From: United Kingdom Looking for: from:



I'm looking for a UK based supplier of Port. Initial order will be modest but I envisage it rising to 1000 + ltrs per order.

Postal address

Address: Rock, Alnwick NE66 3SB, UK
City: Alnwick
State: England
ZIP code:
Country: Northumberland


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Buyer Country: United States Looking for: Whisky From:

We are looking to buy 2-3 year old Bourbon from the US. We are also looking for 10 year old and older as well. 36% High Rye Mash build primarily but are open to other builds as well.

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Buyer Country: Taiwan, Province of China Looking for: Whisky From:

I am looking for the following products: Macallan Classic Cut 2017 700 & 750ml Macallan Edition No.1 700 & 750ml Macallan Edition No.2 700 & 750ml Macallan Edition No.3 700 & 750ml Macallan Edition No.4 700 & 750ml Macallan Classic Cut 2018 700 & 750ml(new item) Macallan 25yo Sherry Cask 700 & 750ml FOB Price

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Buyer Country: Nepal Looking for: Whisky From:

1l jack daniels 10 cartons 1l smirnoff vodka 10 cartons 1l absolute vodka 10 cartons 1l red lebel jonnie walker 10 cartons 1l jonnie walker blue lebel 10 cartons 1l jonnie walker black lebel 10 cartons 1l chivas regal 12yo 10 cartons 1l chivas regal 18yo 10 cartons 1l royal solute 21yo 10 cartons

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