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Company From: Slovenia Looking for: Whisky from:



Looking to import a good Scotish whiskey to Slovenia. Anyone interested, let us know!

Postal address

Address: 110 Vičava, Slovenija
City: Ptuj
State: SI
ZIP code:
Country: Ptuj


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Buyer Country: United States Looking for: Whisky From:

We are looking to purchase barrels of US Bourbon. Primarily looking for 2-3 year old but also looking older over 10 year. Looking for a 36% High Rye mash build but again are open to other builds as well. Looking to purchase ASAP

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Buyer Country: Malaysia Looking for: Wine From:

Hi, I am a liquor marketer with a bottling plant in Kedah, Malaysia.

I am looking to buy wine in bulk (21,000 liters/28,000 bottles) or 1 container and 1 variety per container. Sellers must disclose full ingredients, provide additional supporting documents to be vetted by my expert wine taster. I will arrange for sample to be shipped to Malaysia if we are interested in your product.

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Buyer Country: Estonia Looking for: Gin From:

We are looking for a supplier of gin, rum, vodka be delivered in kegs (20 liter or so). The supplier shall preferable by located in EU.

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Buyer Country: United States Looking for: Wine From:

Looking for Estate wines that I can Import and distribute in multiple states. If you already sell in the USA and hold inventory state side that is good also.

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